How will the image formed by a convex lens be affected if the central portion of lens is wrapped in black paper ?

 answer: The full image will be formed, but it is less bright


As a result of a huge number of rays from the object forming an image. As a result, if any part of the lens is obscured, an image will appear. When compared to an image created without covering the lens, the brightness of the image will be lowered. The whole image will be generated if the centrepiece of the lens is wrapped in black paper, although it will be less bright.

Additional information

Image formation by Convex Lens
Object locationImage locationImage natureImage size
InfinityAt F2Real and InvertedDiminished
Beyond 2 F1Between 2F2 and F2Real and InvertedDiminished
Between 2F1 and F1Beyond 2F2Real and InvertedEnlarged
At F1At infinityReal and InvertedEnlarged
At 2 F1At 2F2Real and InvertedSame size
Between F1 and 0On the same side as the objectVirtual and ErectEnlarged

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