A bulb and a capacitor are in series with an ac source. On increasing frequency how will glow of the bulb (a) increases (b) decreases (c) no change (d)quenches

 The correct answer is (a) increases


The definition of capacitive reactance states that it is the opposition offered by a capacitor to the flow of ac current in the ac circuit. A capacitor opposes the changes in the potential difference or the voltage across its plates. Capacitive reactance is said to be inversely proportional to the capacitance and the signal frequency. It is normally represented by (Xc) and measured in the SI unit of ohm (Ω).


The capacitive reactance formula is given as follows;

Capacitive Reactance, Xc = 1/2fC

Where in,

Xis the capacitance reactance measured in ohms

C = capacitance in farads

f = frequency in hertz

The glow increases because, when frequency v is increased, the capacitive reactance decreases and hence the current through the bulb increases which will lead to increase in glow

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